Espresso Tamper and Coffee Distributor by CittaNOMAD, 2-IN-1 Espresso Accessories for Breville Espresso Machine, for 54mm Breville Portafilter


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  • Coffee tamper and espresso distribution tool 2 in 1, money saved!: )
  • Enjoy the pleasure of making your own coffee every morning!
  • Mini coffee distributor mat included
  • Stainless Steel on Both Sides with Adjustable Depth, easily achieve desired coffee powder compactness

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Q:What is it?
A:A double-Headed Espresso Tamper and Distributor

Q:Compatible to which kind of portafilter?
A:54mm portafilter used for Breville coffee machine (the diameter of this tamper is around 52.5mm)

Q:What I will get?
A:One espresso tamper plus one mini coffee tamper mat in a lovely small box(curious to know what’s your favorite quote about obssesion to coffee?:))

Q:Why should I use coffee distributor?
A:To have the coffee powder evenly distributed in the portafilter basket so water will evenly go through every inch of the pressed coffee powder, and you will have more balanced coffee flavour and aroma

Q:Wonderful, how to use it?

Before first use: wash the product and clean it(CAUTION!!!: be careful if you decide to srew the two parts apart: don’t directly touch the screw thread by your finger, don’t drop it on your toe, don’t laugh, it happens)
STEP 1 – Load the coffee powder into your portafilter basket.
STEP 2 – Put the distributor side(non-flat side) on to the portafilter, gently spin the distributor until your coffee grounds have been evenly distributed and leveled
STEP 3 – Adjust depth of the distributor side if it can not reach the coffee powder
STEP 4 – Put the tamper side (flat side) to tamp the coffee powder, adjust the hight of the tamper side to achieve your desired coffee powder pressure
STEP 5 – Put the portafilter onto the breville espresso machine and enjoy your coffee!

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