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  • ORIGIN SPECIALTIES: This Green Unroasted Arabica coffee is sourced from family-owned farms in the Kochere district. Because of its high altitude of 1800-2200 meters and NATURALLY ORGANIC FARMING PRACTICES, wild heirloom varietals and iron-rich acidic soils, the district of Kochere is a prime area for producing an impeccable example of what Yirga Chefe has to offer.
  • SOCIAL IMPACT: Close to 100,000 local inhabitants rely on coffee as their main crop with which to feed their families.
  • FLAVOR NOTES: Ethiopian Yirgacheffe have tremendous variety – this coffee is a solid Q83 Caramel and Dark Chocolate – best at a darker Roast.
  • SUGGESTED ROAST LEVEL = City+ – Full City.
  • SHIPPING MATERIAL: Our product is shipped to you in Kraft 12 oz. bags which are made with a resealable zipper, 5 layer structure with foil lining, rounded corners, and a tear notch for easy opening. Dimensions L x W x Gusset: 10-1/2 in. x 6-3/4 in. x 3-1/2 in. 286 mm x 181 mm x 83 mm

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Fulfillment in every cup! Morning Hills Coffee aims to fulfill all who are part of our coffee world. You can be assured that with each cup you are enjoying excellent coffee while positively impacting the life of the local growers and their community. Kochere is southwest of the town of Yirga Cheffe and near a little village of Ch’elelek’tu in the Gedeo zone of Ethiopia. It has long been known as one of the best origins for southern Ethiopian coffee. Kochere is growing in popularity, highlighting the stable diversity of Yirgacheffe’s unique attributes. Through establishing long-term relationships with these communities, both coffee distributers and consumers take part in helping to empower these farmers to become self sufficient and strengthen the local community and family structure. We chose to partner with Yirgacheffe Coffee growers because we love to provide great tasting coffee for our customers while immensely impacting the local community where the coffee is grown. With each full cup of coffee you can be fulfilled knowing you are enjoying great coffee and making a difference in the lives of the local coffee growers. Consider purchasing 2 lbs to start with and experiment with different roasting times to find that optimal taste that best suits your needs and preferences. GUARANTEED SATISFACTION and NO OBLIGATIONS!!!

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15 Reviews For This Product

  1. 14

    by Minerva King

    I bought this coffee in order to make a cold refresher. I used this along with fruit syrup and freeze-dried berries to make a light, caffeine drink. This green coffee had to be broken up in a coffee grinder before it could be mixed with water and left to soak overnight. I tried to break it up in a small food processor, but it was not strong enough. The beans are hard and the coffee grinder was strong enough to break them up. I ended up cleaning the coffee grinder well before using it with these beans because I did not want toasted coffee grounds in the refresher. After they were broken up, they soaked the water well and tasted great in my drink. It is very concentrated, I only use one tablespoon per large drink, so it doesn’t have too much caffeine, but gives a light, refreshing flavor when mixed with the syrup. The product came fresh and I liked the result.

  2. 14

    by Amazon Customer

    I took a chance ordering for the first time from this place because I wanted to try these beans. Hadnt heard of the company before and everything was an all in moment for myself.The beans got here very fast even during holiday time, and arrived in a very sealed bag and great packaging. I roasted them up and had one of the best roasts I’ve ever had, everything came out with almost zero imperfections.I tried cupping the beans the following morning after roasting while using an aeropress, chemix, and french press. All of them produced immaculate results!Thank you for such a wonderful experience. 5 stars all around I would highly recommend this seller!

  3. 14

    by Sleepysnails

    I’m new to home roasting. This is the second bag of green beans that I got. This time from Ethiopia! What a difference one bean from one part of the country can taste from another! These have a smooth tasted compared to the beans I got from Costa Rica. I don’t know if it because my first bag was my trial and error one, but this one really hits the spot on smell and taste! I’m still experimenting and figuring out what my next bag will be.For me, I liked these beans a lot! It also comes in a nice durable airtight bag! Good Job!Additional comment: 12/19/15- I really enjoy these beans! I don’t know why, but they seem to roast easier…? I don’t know why, but from first crack to second seemed more predictable. It’s a bit hard to explain, but these beans are good! I like a city roast. So, I stop midway between the first and second crack. And with these beans, it just seemed easier to tell just before the second crack was to happen.Maybe because the beans arrived super fresh!Great beans! Thanks!

  4. 14

    by Michael

    I’m new to roasting coffee, so take this with a grain of salt. For the most part I’m satisfied with the beans — they appear fresh, were relatively easy to work with, and produced a good cup of coffee. A few things though:• They say there’s no (or next to no) chaff. My beans produced a fair amount of chaff — so I don’t know how others are roasting their beans without producing any chaff. It’s not a big deal or a deal-breaker, it just means that I have to take some extra time to blow out the chaff from my colander while cooling off the beans.• I get why they sell them in one or two pounds bags, but quite frankly for those of us who aren’t familiar with the varieties available and how they’re going to actually taste, it would be nice to see these being sold in half- or quarter-pound sample packs, too. It’d allow us to get to know all of the different options with less commitment.• I found this particular variety a bit tough to get an even roast out of. I use a high-efficiency, 72,000 BTU propane burner (with VERY even heat distribution), a large stainless steel mixing bowl, and a wooden spoon for stirring — and with constant stirring, I get a relatively even heat distribution in the bowl. But even with that, I found it difficult to get an even roast with this and the other two varieties I’ve tried. And until I have had enough time at this, for now I’ll chalk it up to the roaster and roasting method, not the beans.• As a newer roaster, it’d be helpful to have suggested roast levels for the different types of beans as well as maybe flavor profiles for light, medium, and dark roasts from that same bean.All in all, I’m satisfied with the product, but when you’re trying to get to know the various options, one pound bags (and up) are too much of a commitment when trying to find a bean that you’ll really enjoy.

  5. 14

    by RT

    The beans did not crack when roasting. They seemed like they were too dry. No moisture at all in the bean. Maybe just a bad batch but they were not what they should have been

  6. 14

    by Hab Zogh

    Tastes wonderful, nothing to dislike.

  7. 14

    by Scarlette Fleury

    I use a popcorn popper. I bought this for my wife as this is one of her favs. She loves it. Says it has great flavor and you can taste FRUITY, Citrus notes and mild chocolate.Good for light roast / City roast.

  8. 14

    by 5×5

    I had heard a lot about this bean and the flavor profiles related to it. I followed a well known roasterie’s suggested roast for it and I thought it turned out fine. Upon brewing, i found this bean to be very bright (thats a good thing), and vibrant. I also found the Floral notes that everyone kept talking about in the forums. This coffee is so unique and different, that it is almost like a tea (that’s my wife’s assessment). I enjoyed about two days of it before i had to roast a different batch of beans. I will come back to it this weekend and see if it has settled down, but if you like the Unexpected and Uniqueness that this will bring… then, it’s Your cup of Tea (pun intended).

  9. 14

    by avgcustomer

    I roasted it light on a popper. Came out very good. I consumed them as cortado. I accidentally dark roasted the first batch. It tasted very bad. It is not a problem of the bean as far as I can say. Make sure to roast in the lighter side. They are very good that way.

  10. 14

    by Jerry Osman

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  11. 14

    by Daniel C Smith

    So I’ve been Roasting and drinking some pretty good Ethiopian coffees and a really nice Costa Rican and was interested in trying something new. Decided to try a Brazilian one. A few things to note. These beans have lots of chaf. Not a good or bad thing to me. Just worth noting. Also the beans are a little bigger than I’ve been roasting. They work great in the beymor. Another thing. As stated in the description these beans take about 21 minutes to start first crack so you have to be patient. Roasted them. Let them three days and just had my first cup. Very very good cup of coffee. I roasted about a minute into second crack. It’s a nice and smooth cup of coffee with a nice lingering finish. In my opinion a great balance of little bitterness and little acidity. Just what I was looking for. Very nice coffee for the price.

  12. 14

    by Bill W. Cunningham

    I am new to bean roasting, this is my second bean sample. The previous was a Mexican bean, I found it ok but weak. I bought this one based on the reviews. I agree, this is some amazing coffee. It’s also good cold, and reheated in a microwave. This batch was 3/4 cup, roasted in cast iron, stirred constantly with a wire whip. Heat setting was slightly cooler than for a steak. Time was 13 minutes in preheated pan. Almost every bean popped loudly, given enough time. If it seemed too hot, I backed the heat down to the six o’clock setting for a minute. Once it cooled off, heat was turned back up. There was some chaff, most of which was completely charred by the end. When done it was sifted in a metal colander, and I fanned it by hand to speed cooling. I would rate this as a medium-dark roast. It has now been 24 hours, the aroma is the best I’ve ever smelled, bar none. A fascinating, complex, indescribable sensation. It seems to change and draw you in. The beans are beginning to ooze oil droplets. I am going to give it 2 more days, then grind half of it. The remaining sample will age a full 6 days. Am looking forward to the results. Get this coffee, you already have all the gear needed to fire it up like a pro.

  13. 14

    by Amazon Customer

    The goods are good, my friend likes them very much, thank you.

  14. 14

    by hannahpj

    It is a rare authentic product, the most satisfying since online shopping.

  15. 14

    by bryan walters

    The seller is very nice, and the things are also very good!

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